The Word Witch

#2: Kicked Out of the God Club with Jordan Rayne of Sincerely the Tarot

October 30, 2018

In this second episode of The Word Witch, Claire talks to Jordan Rayne of Sincerely the Tarot! In this amazing conversation, they discuss finding spirituality as a queer and trans person, reclaiming the language of religion, navigating gender and queerness in the Tarot, and searching for representation in tarot decks. Before the interview kicks off, Claire shares the significance of Samhain, a.k.a. All Hallow’s Eve, a.k.a. Halloween. It's the witches’ new year and a powerful time to peer through the veil to connect with your ancestors, whether they be blood relatives, chosen family, or forebears on your path.


(time stamps are approximate)

1:30 A look at Samhain/Halloween with Claire.

10:00 Interview with Jordan of Sincerely the Tarot begins!

14:00 Jordan shares the origin of Sincerely and his entrance to tarot.

23:00 Jordan satisfies Claire’s logistical curiosity about his beautiful offerings.

28:00 Doubting the channel: we all do it.

39:00 Hand altars, natural artifacts, and finding/creating queer spirituality.

42:00 Reclaiming God.

50:00 Finding spiritual community as an outsider.

56:00 Alternate names for God: Goddex! Let’s make it happen.

58:00 Gender in the Tarot: Court Cards and Archetypes.

71:00 Inclusivity and representation in tarot.


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Instagram: @sincerely_the_tarot


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Show Notes

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