The Word Witch

#1: I Was a Fourth Grade Atheist

October 18, 2018

Welcome to The Word Witch, the podcast for folx making magick from the margins! In this first episode, host Claire Burgess (they/she) shares why they're making this podcast, what you can expect, and how it got its name. This is more than just an intro episode, though! Claire also delves into their perspectives on tarot and witchcraft, the magic of words, the power of otherness, and the link between spirituality and queerness. 

Tune back in next week for Claire's conversation with another queer tarot practitioner and magick worker! After that, the podcast will follow a biweekly format of one interview and one solo episode every month. 

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Show Notes

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Instagram: @the.word.witch

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The Word Witch is produced, written, and recorded by Claire Burgess. Editing and tech support come from Danu Vino. Our logo is designed by Claire Burgess.

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