The Word Witch

#7: Lifting the Veil with Keon of Millennial Soul Food

December 26, 2018

Welcome to Capricorn season! The Sea-goat's tarot card is The Devil, so in this episode we look at the medicine that The Devil and Capricorn have to offer as we move into the new year. We also talk about setting intentions (or “resolutions,” if you must) for the new year (or not!), and we dig into the problematic messaging of the Law of Attraction. Next, it’s on to the main event: our interview with Keon of Millennial Soul Food. Keon is a tarot reader, a life/spiritual/business coach, a Capricorn Sun/Moon and Aquarius Rising, and a self-described “dystopian sci-fi Octavia Butler character.” Keon talks to us about psychoactive plant magic, hoodoo, cultural and spiritual appropriation, developing our personal connections to the divine, and hanging out in William Faulkner’s cemetery, to name a few topics within this incredible discussion.


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